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Order TotalDigital Print
(Labels & Stickers, Business Cards, Marketing Materials, Cards & Gifts, and Photo Prints)
Banners and Signs
Offset Print
SGD 0.00 - SGD 49.99Shipping: SGD 5.90Shipping: SGD 9.90
Over SGD 50.00Free ShippingShipping: SGD 9.90
Estimated Delivery Time: 7-9 business days
*Above promotion only applies to Singapore. For other countries, please see our rates in the FAQ below.

Shipping is FREE for orders over S$50.00. (Digital Prints Only)

Note: Digital Print, Offset Print and Banners & Signs will be packaged and shipped separately.

We only offer standard shipping, and delivery time is 7-9 business days for most of our products.
Please note that some products or finishings take longer to produce and ship, increasing the delivery time.

Frequently asked questions about shipping & delivery

What is the lead time for delivery?
Our standard lead time is around 9 business days for most products. But if it is an urgent order or if you have a deadline to meet, please contact us at to check on the estimated time for your specific order.

Do you offer expedited shipping?
Unfortunately, we do not have any express shipping or self pick-up at this time. Our standard lead time is on average of 9 business days for most items.

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, Free Shipping for orders over $50 (Applies to Singapore only)
This do not apply to other countries.

Do I receive tracking information for my order?
A shipment confirmation that includes the tracking information will be automatically sent to you once your order is dispatched from our facility for registered members.

Where do you print and ship orders?
Our printing facility is located in South Korea, and we dispatch orders from our facility three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Do you provide worldwide shipping?
Yes, we have expanded our shipping scope to a total of 15 different countries.
Please see the pricing chart below.

What are the shipping rates for other countries?
Please take a look at our pricing chart below. An initial delivery fee of S$5.90 will be charged on the order. Once order is placed, we will email you on the additional shipping charges incurred for your specific order.

Shipping Rates(est)* Currency in SGD

≤ 0.5S$18.90S$21.90S$19.00S$19.90S$17.20S$19.60S$18.80S$8.90S$9.90S$13.90S$14.90S$10.90S$6.90S$10.90
≤ 1.00S$32.90S$36.20S$30.90S$27.90S$27.90S$31.50S$30.10S$10.90S$14.90S$24.90S$23.90S$14.90S$9.90S$16.90

*A fixed S$5.90 shipping fee will be charged when placing order. Remaining shipping balance will be emailed to you for payment. copied to clipboard