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Multi Shapes Sticker
Kiss Cut Square Sticker
Round Sticker
Multi Shapes Sticker
Free Shapes Sticker
What Makes RED's Stickers Special?
Because all you need is just an image to one piece of personalized sticker
Can I order for only 1 piece?
This is not a question to be asked.
You can order ONE Cards/ Postcards in RED Printing, ONE IS OK!

* Most ordered sticker : Multi Shapes Sticker > Pan Sticker
Just select Pan and upload image. Your Sticker Is Ready!
Order Now!
Kiss Cutting Is Available For This Item
Can I make sticker with my own desired shape?
We make the most complicated shapes sticker for you in a quick and easy way!

If you find it hard to create cutting line data, go to our Web Editor and start clicking
* Insert the item size and upload your image, as simple as that
* Please select free shape sticker if you create your own cutting line for your sticker
Ordering Tips
Kiss Cutting
We cut the sticker according to your desired cutting lines but did not cut the paper at the bottom to make easy peel off sticker.

Individual Cutting
Basic cutting size for sticker is A4 and A5.
Please select individual cutting in finishing option if you would like different cutting size