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Create A Business Card That Present Your Unique Identity!
There are a variety of paper types and finishing effects you can use to create your unique business card
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It's easy to choose paper and finishing option
Create your very own business card with RED Printing right now
Best 3 Paper For Business Card
1. Rendezvous Ultra White
Premium paper with natural gloss, soft and smooth surface

2. Vannuwo White
High quality paper that creates warm feeling

3. Tintilet
High quality light cream color paper with soft texture and wavy pattern on both sides
Best 3 Special Paper For Business Card
1. Gold Sirio Pearl
High quality premium paper with soft gold color

2. Majestic Marble White
Shiny cream color premium paper

3. Kraft Board
Gives the business card a friendly and warm feeling

Finishing Tips
Scodix It makes your name, company logo or other text and images special and more visible on the printed output
Squircle Cutting Create rounded corner for your business card with squircle cutting technique
Laser Cutting Make extraordinary business card in any shapes and design you want with laser cutting
Stitching Make easy tear off line for your item such as coupon
Creasing Make easy folding line for your item
Perforation Make hole or holes on your business card and can be used as book mark
Laminating Applying a thin vinyl film on both sides of the paper as double protection for your item