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1. Select your desired item from the ordering page on each menu.
2. Only Adobe PDF file format is acceptable for file upload.

   (For mini banners/ stickers/ buttons/ products with various shapes -JPG, PNG, PDF file format acceptable for upload)
   *User can easily order items from RED Makers using own photos and texts input.
   User can create artwork and save files using photoshop for printing without additional finishing, however, product that require finishing process should be saved as PDF file after creating it with Illustrator or InDesign.
PDF files saved using MS Word, PPT, Excel are reported to be broken or resulted in distorted output, hence, we are unable to guarantee output quality based on images displayed on the monitor screen.
Hence, please be careful and ensure correct file format are saved before upload.

① Products that require file to be exported in Illustrator/ InDesign
- Scodix Business Card, Free Cutting Business Card, Braille Business Card, Scodix Card, Free Cutting Card, Tear Off Pamphlets, Door Knob Hanger, Free Shapes Sticker, Franchise Sticker, Braille Print, Wristband, Double Layered Paper Cup, White Color Printing, Finishing, Shape Cutting

② Acceptable PDF files exported using Photoshop after checking final cutting lines are
- Sticker (Round, Oval, Squircle)
- Button Badge (Pin, Magnet, Mirror, Bottle Opener)
  *Our finishing templates are created using Illustrator; since photoshop is unable to save cutting lines, please ensure to save the image according to the size of your artwork in PDF file format, including the working line.
In this event, the cutting lines will appear on the same layer as finishing template, please ensure both the cutting and working lines are clearly visible on the saved image before uploading your file.
You can see the cutting and working line if you download the finishing template and force open it using Photoshop.
Check the cutting line, guidance shape and please be sure to remove the guide line from the image before saving and uploading file for print.

③ Precautions when saving PDF files with Illustrator
- Delete Spot Color
  All spot colors are automatically converted into CMYK color system.
Please ensure to delete spot color selection (in Swatch) prior to sending the file in order to produce printing with your desired CMYK color.
   [How to delete Spot Color Selection]
   Window > Swatches > Delete Spot Color

- Rasterize Effect
   If images with various effects such as transparency and shadows is not rasterized, the effect might not show on the print output.
   [How to Rasterize Image]
   Select Graphic > Object > Rasterize

④ Precautions when saving PDF files with Photoshop
  Please upload file saved with 300dpi resolution and create your artwork by deciding the width and height in millimeters (mm) when working with Photoshop.
The text font may be distorted when saving PDF file, hence, please ensure to save the text layer as image (Select Text Layer, Right Click and click “Rasterize Type”).
After converting text layer into image, please ensure to combine all layers into one by clicking Menu > Layer > Flatten Image and save as PDF in Photoshop).

⑤ When Working on Books and Brochures
  It is recommended to create books and brochures using InDesign. User can select additional 5mm for Bleed (Top, Bottom, Inside, Outside) and export the file to PDF.
  (Please ensure there is no Crop Marks, Registration Marks, Color Bars, etc. saved before you upload the file.)
  If you like working with Photoshop or Illustrator, please ensure to include a 5mm cutting margin for each page as the 5mm will be cut off during the production to produce the book according to your desired size.
If the image is placed in the center of spread page, please ensure to include a 5mm right margin for image page on the left and 5mm left margin for image on the right page.

- When saving file for digital printing - Press Quality (Printing Use)
- Saving file for Large Format Printing – High Quality (Large Format Use)
- PDF 1.5 or above/Select Create Acrobat Layers from Top-Level Layers [> Go to Product Guide, Enquiries 1544-6698] (Please follow the above instructions to ensure print outcome which is as close as what you may preview on screen) 1.When Using Illustrator 1.When Using InDesign 2.When Using Illustrator 2.When Using InDesign
3. Finishing (Scodix, Cutting, Foil, Book Binding, Folding…) Please save finishing in a different layer under the same file name as your desired printing file in PDF format.
In addition to the print layer, you can create additional layer with your desired finishing name and add in designs for the finishing layer (area or line) on the printing layer and save it.
Finishing Sample
When placing order for product involve finishing effects, please ensure that both bottom and top layers are activated before uploading the PDF file.
레이어 활성화
For enquiries about the product in an event where information in the Product Guide did not cover, please go to My Page > 1:1 enquiry or please dial xxxxxxxxxxxx, our representatives are ready to be at your service.
1. With our Easy Order system, user can preview their artwork with finishing option and final file verification approximately 5-10 minutes after file upload.
2. User can preview their artwork on My Page > Preview Item > File Verification. All information such as printing quotation, print and finishing data will be shown on the screen.
RED quotation is automatically calculated according to the length, complexity and all cutting lines area.
1.최종파일 확인/미리보기
3. Payment can be made by credit card through PayPal.
4. Exchange and Return of Goods (Refund)
Goods exchange and return is applicable when:
- Refund or reproduction is applicable only if the final output is 100% different from the ordered item.
- When the product is unusable, refund and reproduction is applicable.
We will first require customer to send photos of the defective products for examination purpose, and if needed, we will require customer to send the defective product for second stage examination if photo sent earlier is not sufficient enough to identify defects.
These two steps will be taken before exchanging or refunding can take place.
* Please note that Red Printing reserve the right to decide whether to bare 100% or part of the shipping fees for returned product solely on its own discretion.

Goods exchange and return is not applicable when:
- Cancellation and refund is not applicable if printing files received without any problem and printing process completed smoothly.
- Mistake and typo related problems caused by users’ carelessness or misunderstanding of instructions and terms and conditions listed in both user and product guides.
1. Cancellation and refund is not applicable if printing files received without any problem and printing process completed smoothly
2. User can preview their uploaded file or printing progress by going to My Page > My Order/ Shipping
1. 1. If the printing file for both regular and large format printing are received safely and composition for print had already begun, both cancellation and refund are not applicable.
2. User can preview their uploaded file or printing progress by going to My Page > My Order/ Shipping
3. Our advanced digital printing technology can print as little as one unit, hence, it allows user to print hundreds or thousands of pages using variable data.
4. For variable data printing, user can refer to various samples provided in our RED Gallery
(e.g. Menu Cards with different prices for different restaurants, different colors, different copies, different designs’ packaging and etc)
5. For enquiries about variable products, please contact our RED Customer Service Center @ +65 3163 7616
[ Color ]
- To ensure top quality printing results, RED Printing has our own unique color management system
  However, there might be color differences even when printing using same data/ same color, depending on different paper conditions and digital printing equipment
- Please ensure to send file in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color system as RGB and PANTONE color system will automatically be converted into separate color printing profile.
Printing Data
1. RED is multi-functional where we not only print but utilizes the world’s finest finishing equipment for finishing application on our printed products
2. The finishing process is done at RED factory through automated process to ensure quick and accurate work
3. Types of RED Finishing
- Coating (Glossy / Matte)
- Scodix (Epoxy (Transparent UV) Processing)
- Perforation
- Laser Shape Cutting (One Cut / Kiss Cut / Creasing / Stitching)
- General Shape Cutting (Finishing / Kiss Cut/ Creasing)
- Folding (Cutting / Creasing / Stitching)
- Binding (Perfect/ Saddle Stitching / Ring Binding)
1. Delivery Terms and Conditions- The ordered item will be produced and shipped after printing file is verified and payment is received. - Additional surcharge may apply for delivery to Tuas (Singapore)
2. For large quantities product, books or printing that involve various finishing process, it may take more than 3 days for product to be delivered to your door step.
3. Delivery Methods: Courier
4. Delivery Region: Korea, Singapore
5. Shipping Fees
Shipping fees will be calculated according to total amount per order:
Purchase of $1.00 - $399.99 - Shipping Cost is $5.90
*Our web system does not allow transaction from $400.00 onwards.
Our customer service representatives will contact you for this type of transaction (please refer to business to business services under User Guide).
*All transaction will be completed using Singaporean Currency (Singapore Dollar (SGD).
6. Delivery Detail
- We try to ship small quantity products without much finishing requirement the next day for orders placed and completed before 1200 noon (SGT).
For large quantities product, books or printing that involve various finishing process, it may take more than 3 days for product to be delivered to your door step.