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NoticeThis is the latest news update from RED Printing.

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Launching New & Improved Website 21-01-05 14:16 151

Product Name Changes

We have made changes to a number of our product names.
These changes were made to help you smoothly navigate through our product offerings on our new site.
There no changes to the specifications or the quality you have come to trust.

Thank you for your continued support.

Original Product NameUpdated Product Name
Standard Name CardStandard Business Cards
Premium Business CardPremium Business Cards
Transparent Business CardTransparent Business Cards
White Printing Color Name CardWhite / Colour Print Business Cards
Foil Business CardFoil Stamped / Embossed Business Cards
Laser Business CardLaser Cut Business Cards
Free Type StickerFree Shape Stickers (Kiss Cut)
PAN StickerPAN Stickers (Kiss Cut)
PANS Square StickerFixed Shapes (5 in 1 pack)
Individual StickerDie Cut Stickers
Removale StickerLaptop Stickers (Kiss Cut)
Square kiss cut StickerRectangular Stickers (Kiss Cut)
Round StickerRound Stickers (Kiss Cut)
Squircle StickerRounded Corner Stickers (Kiss Cut)
Oval StickerOval Stickers (Kiss Cut)
Store StickerDouble Sided Window Stickers
Multi Shape StickerMulti Shape Stickers (Kiss Cut)
Cold Adhesion LabelFreezer Labels
Epoxy StickerEpoxy Stickers (Custom Shapes)
Epoxy Squircle StickerRounded Corner Epoxy Stickers
Epoxy Round StickerRound Epoxy Stickers
Multi Shapes Epoxy StickerEpoxy Stickers (Fixed Shapes)
Paper PostersStandard Posters
Waterproof PosterWaterproof Posters
White Print PosterWhite Print Posters
Highly Transparent Adhesive PosterTransparent Sticker Posters
Canvas PosterCanvas Posters
Backlit PosterBacklit Posters
Special PostcardEconomy Postcards (Fixed Size)
Standard CardStandard Postcards (Multi-Sizes)
Transparent PostcardTransparent Postcards
Foil CardFoil Stamped/Raised Letter Postcards
Basic FlyerFlyers
LeafletTri-fold / Bi-fold Leaflets
Door HandleDoor Hangers
Tear Off PamphletTear-off Posters
Mini BannerMini Banners
Transparent Mini BannersTransparent Mini Banners
Canvas Mini BannerCanvas Mini Banners
Table TentTable Tents
WristbandWrist Bands
Sun VisorSun Visors
ID/membership Card (PVC Card)PVC/ID Cards
Pin Button BadgePin Button Badges
Luminous ButtonLuminous Mirror Button Badges
Magnet Button BadgeMagnet Button Badges
Mirror Button BadgeMirror Button Badges
Bottle Opener ButtonBottle Opener Button Badges
Mushroom Magnet ButtonMushroom Magnet Button Badges
Clip ButtonClip Button Badges
Epoxy Domed MagnetEpoxy Magnets
Passport CasePassport Covers
Photo PuzzlePhoto Puzzles
Spring notebookSpring Bound Notebooks
Note Of My HeartShaped Notebooks
Leather CoasterFaux Leather Coasters
Photo PrintingPhoto Prints
Canvas FrameCanvas Frames


Paper Name Changes

We have made changes to our paper names.
The previous paper names are the names set by the manufacturer, and as a result, there were similar papers with different names.

We made these changes to provide you with more clarity on our different paper offerings, textures, finishings, and coatings.

Note: We have added and removed some papers from our paper list. Please refer to the table below for the updated list.

Original Product NameUpdated Product Name
Yupo PaperStandard Gloss Adhesive
Art Paper LabelStandard Semi-gloss Adhesive
Vellum LabelStandard White Adhesive (Uncoated)
Transparent PETTransparent Sheet Adhesive (Permanent)
SYNAPS (PET) RemovableDeluxe Matte Adhesive (Removeable)
Art Paper Label Correction LabelSemi-gloss Adhesive (Blockout)
Low Temperature Yupo StickerStandard Gloss Strong Adhesive
Low Temperature Art PaperStandard Semi-gloss Strong Adhesive
Kraft LabelKraft Paper Adhesive
Glossy Gold PETGlossy Gold Adhesive
Glossy Silver PETGlossy Silver Adhesive
Matte Silver PETMatte Silver Adhesive
Epoxy HologramHologram Adhesive
Epoxy Silver HairlineSilver Hairline Adhesive
Magnetic stickerMagnet Backed Paper
Fabric StickerWoven Fabric Sticker
White Synthetic PaperPremium Thick White Vinyl
Art PaperStandard Semi-Gloss
White VellumStandard White (Uncoated)
Rendezvous Ultra WhitePremium White (Uncoated)
Marshmellow WhiteDeluxe White (Uncoated)
TintiletDeluxe Textured White
Leto WhiteDeluxe Ultra White
Letto Trace (Translucent)Deluxe Translucent
Kraft boardKraft Paper
Environment (Kraft Peel)Kraft Board (Recycled)
Majestic Marble WhiteDeluxe Pearl
Gold Sirio PearlDeluxe Gold
Studio Collection New BlackDeluxe Black
Studio Collection Deep BlueDeluxe Blue
Studio Collection RedDeluxe Red
Highly Transparent PETTransparent Sheet
Photo Paper (Matte-Rust)Photo Paper (Matte)
Printed Paper (Glossy)Photo Paper (Glossy)
Matte (Luster) CanonPortfolio (Matte)
Satin (Satin)_Canon PaperPortfolio (Satin)
Glossy (Glossy) CanonPortfolio (Glossy)
Canvas Semi-GlossySemi-gloss Canvas
Canvas Semi-MatteSemi-matte Canvas
Canvas MatteMatte Canvas
CCPStandard Glossy Board
Blockout PETWhite Opaque Vinyl
Blockout YUPOWhite Opaque Vinyl Adhesive
White PETPremium White Vinyl
Luminous FilmLuminous Film
Highly Transparent PET Adhesive (Removable)Transparent Sheet Adhesive (Removeable )
CanvasPremium Polyester Canvas
BacklitBacklit Film
SC Manila PaperPractical Board
Tyvek 1073Tyvek Wristband


Discontinued Products.

The following products are not offered any more with the launch of our new website.
Please refer to the table below for the list of discontinued products.

Discontinued Products
Design Business Card
Momo Band
Anti-radiation Sticker
Mini Banner DESIGN
Mini Banner SELF
Package Sticker
Design Coupon
Elegant Gmound Label
Magnetic Sticker
Photo Frame
Magnet Calendar
Multi Shapes Tags
Cup & Mug
Party Hat
Pennant Banner
Party Props
Multi Shape Foam Board
Photo Sticker
Design Name Card
Travel Tag
Wristband Design
Special Spot UV Postcard
Special Foil Postcard
Simple Frame Photo
Design Frame Photo
Identification Photo 500
Pocket Photo 500
Photo Printing in Shapes


New Product Items

We are excited to inform you of the addition of the following products to our new site.

Among the new products are Acrylic Products, Fabric Products, Cards, and other gift items.
These items come with the same quality you have come to expect and trust.

New Product Items
Scodix Business Cards
Fixed Shapes (4 in 1 pack)
Fabric Stickers (Kiss Cut)
Correction Labels (Kiss Cut)
Scodix Postcards
Postcard Books
Acrylic Keyrings (Template)
Acrylic Keyrings (Custom Shape)
Acrylic Standees
Laser Cut Greeting Cards
Epoxy Metal Keyrings
Compact Mirrors
Tin Boxes
Mouse Pads
Faux Leather Cover Notebooks
Cork Coasters
Microfibre Cloths
Mini Hand Towels
Direct Printing Tote Bags
Hot Melt & Cut Tote Bags
Flock Tote Bags
Glitter Tote Bags
Hologram Tote Bags
Portfolio - Sheets
Portfolio - Booklets
Acrylic Photo Frames
Label Tags (Multi Shapes)